Students Have Lots Of Help, But Parents Don’t

College-bound high school students are able to tap into many streams of helpful resources. Of course, with Covid, for most students getting ready for their college applications has been a disaster.  Given it’s unlikely that the United States will reach herd immunity we will have to get to a new “normal”.  Let’s start with their guidance counselors. Even if students don’t get a lot of face time with them they generally can get enough to get started in the right direction. There are also virtual college fairs. High schools will find ways to offer SAT and ACT test prep classes (don’t think that the SAT/ACT isn’t necessary because it still is). English teachers provide help with college essays.

But parents are on their own. School counselors don’t want to get involved with assisting students directly with financial aid forms. “I’m not going to help with the FAFSA, I am not touching that parent’s tax information.” These are common thoughts in many school counseling departments, not out of task avoidance or malice, but simply out of fear. Even financial aid people at the colleges themselves have no idea how to answer most of the questions parents are asked.

Other than offering Financial Aid Night where a local college explains how students go about getting into debt, there isn’t much more the high school can do to assist parents with how to manage the system and make it work for them specifically. That’s where Financial AID Now™ comes in to help.

Colleges use very sophisticated tools like yield management, data mining, data visualization, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, resource alignment, and student recruiting strategies.  These are used by the colleges’ enrollment manager and their job is to make sure that every year each new freshman seat is filled at the highest possible price. That’s why it’s so important to use Financial AID Now™. It helps you level the playing field.

Financial AID Now™ provides the information parents need to make the best choices for their families.  They need expert software to automatically manage the confusing financial aid forms with no mistakes and get them in on time AND also file the forms! Not to mention have their own financial aid expert watch over them.