Financial AID Now™

Applying for financial aid is designed to be difficult. Financial AID Now™ is like TurboTax only with a Certified Public Accountant for applying for college financial aid.  

THE SIMPLE TRUTH… The biggest barrier to financial aid is the application itself. The new 2024-2025 FAFSA was riddled with major problems that prevented over two million students from completing it. Our members had us watching their back!

A recent Hechinger Report news story ranked FAFSA No. 1 among the “most complex and convoluted higher education forms.” Students and families are required to navigate a host of confusing and counterintuitive questions and submit information difficult for many to obtain. Financial AID Now™ helps you:

  • The best ways to answer questions
  • Find colleges with the greatest amount of aid for your financial situation
  • By giving you your own financial aid ‘Guardian Angel’ 
  • Simplify the college aid application process
  • Avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars in student aid.
  • Financial AID Now™ automatically files the FAFSA
  • Financial AID Now™ automatically files the CSS Profile
  • Negotiate and appeal for additional funding
It does ALL of this and more for only $249!