Is Financial Aid Really All That Complicated?

In a word, Yes. The financial aid office is there to process the FAFSA, and if the student qualifies for federal and state grants and loans, they make sure that is awarded.

The rest of the money they can award is based on thousands of rules and regulations. Those rules favor the financial policies of their employer and the colleges they work for.  They cannot serve two masters. You can imagine which one you are.

The biggest barrier to financial aid is the applications themselves. A recent Hechinger Report news story ranked the FAFSA No. 1 among the “most complex and convoluted higher education forms.” Students and families are required to navigate a host of confusing and redundant questions and submit information difficult for many to obtain.

And after all that work, students still don’t receive enough information to plan and budget. The complexity of the form not only prevents families from getting the support they need — but it has also been shown to prevent students well-prepared for college from ever enrolling.

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. There is a better way. Financial AID Now™ takes the family from finding colleges that will offer their student the most lucrative award packages to properly preparing and filing the financial aid forms all the way to negotiating the best price.

To enroll in the Financial AID Now™ system is only $249.00.  Keep in mind that at a minimum a four-year college degree starts at $120,000 and a few are over $360,000.

We didn’t invent the rainy day. We just own the best umbrella.