Why Get Outside Help For FAFSA When It’s Free?

Even though you can file your taxes for free most people don’t prepare their own returns. A great may taxpayers have a CPA, accountant, Enrolled Agent, professional tax prep service, or use tax prep software. People avail themselves of this expertise because they know that filing their own taxes can cost them money; especially when the tax laws change each year. Or worse, you make the kind of mistake that ends up with you paying a hefty penalty. It’s the same with FAFSA and the other financial aid forms. Mistakes can cost you tens of thousands of dollars paying for tuition you didn’t owe. I think the more money you pay the college when you didn’t have to, is just like a penalty you paid to the IRS!

Today, the only way many parents can afford to send their children to college is because of the help they get from the financial aid system. But asking for free money was never meant to be easy. In fact, every time the government tries to simplify the process, the more complicated it becomes. Wait until 2023-2024!

The complexity of the financial aid system has been created by politicians and lobbyists whose job is to make their donors happy. I don’t believe the system to be “rigged”. However, over the years the aid system has been corrupted.  Financial AID Now™ makes it much easier for parents to turn the tables on the colleges for a change. Financial AID Now™ levels the playing field.