Applying For Financial Aid Is Designed To Be Difficult

Even colleges admit that financial aid is complicated. If it weren’t financial aid directors wouldn’t need specialized skill sets to master the many aspects.

Fortunately, there are ethical and legal ways to answer questions that will prevent your student from losing financial aid eligibility.

No one has to tell you how expensive college has become. And parents and students have many concerns about affording it.

Years ago what began as a fair and equitable process to provide low to middle-income families with financial assistance has actually morphed into a corrupt and perverted system that rewards students from affluent families with huge tuition discounts.

Now that SARS-CoV-2 took a heavy toll on cash-strapped colleges and universities, colleges are giving the wealthy even more free money at the expense of those who truly need it. This is unacceptable. Parents need a way to tip the scales in their favor!